Attending Information


The International Conference on Perinatal & Hospice care is taking place on Saturday, 30th January 2016 in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. The conference will focus on the the medical and holistic care of women who are told their baby not live for very long after birth. The conference will discuss novel treatments for serious life limiting conditions, neonatal hospice & palliative care and also hear patients experiences of carrying to term.


Who should attend?

Anyone who is involved in the care and treatment of pregnant women, or the newborn child, would benefit from attneding this conference. In particular, those clinicians and support staff who care for families faced with the devastating diagnosis of a life limiting condition for their baby will be hugely rewarded. Healthcare provdiers who work in such specialised areas as palliative care, fetal cardiology or high risk obstetrics will aslo gain invaluable insights into these ever expanding fields of medicine.